Primary Rinks served by Kansas City Officials Association: Silverstein Eye Center Arena,  Kansas City Ice Center, Line Creek Ice Rink and Carriage Club.     

Youth Hockey Schedulers - Includes all levels with the exception of adult league.

Karl von Haasl - Kansas | 913.905.9733

Ron Paynter - Missouri | 816.308.3222

Adult Hockey Scheduler

Ken Vokac | 913.706.7329


Questions may be sent to; do NOT send questions regarding availability for games or anything regarding scheduling of specific games; this site is not monitored frequently enough to handle emergency game scheduling issues. Those must be directed to the schedulers above. Questions of a general nature or that do not require immediate replies are appropriate.

The following Scheduling Guidlines have been written and approved by the KCOA Board.


  • Work proactively with customers/partners to receive game/schedule needs as far in advance as possible with 30 days in advance as being the desired minimum.

  • Review/recommend potential sequencing changes with/to the customer/partner to help facilitate advantageous game pairings (to avoid single game/fees).

  • Download/import game schedules into Arbiter within 48 hours of receipt.

  • To the degree possible, publish game assignments via Arbiter “at minimum” 30 days in advance of the actual game date. In no particular order:

  1. Ideal/goal is to offer every active official at least one game/month

  2. Ideal/goal is to schedule games in sets of two versus three to offer more ice to more officials.

  3. Youth games should strive to have at least one (1) “under 18” official as part of the crew.

  4. Early morning pairings should be targeted to officials living in close proximity to the rink.

  5. For 3 man crews, rotate the “bands” from one official to the next (within a pairing) where rankings allow.

  6. For 2 man crews, do NOT pair 2 entry level officials on the same ice (600 or below).

  7. When upcoming tournaments are identified, scheduler will work with the partner schedulers to assure the necessary/appropriate talent pool is available.

  8. Create/maintain a manual log of “issues/requests” for pairings made by Board members or our external customers and adhere to where possible/feasible.

  • Produce a game count summary on a monthly basis. In no particular order:

  1. Capture and record all declined/turned-back games.

  2. Pull a month-end Arbiter game count report and transfer all “actual” game counts to the tracking database.

  3. Summary report to be completed and issued to the Secretary by the 7th of the following month (unless other arrangements have been made).

Game Procedures

Scheduler sends out game assignments using Arbiter.

Official must return e-mail acknowledging and accepting games and noting any conflicts.

If the official has a change of plans and cannot make an assignment the following must occur;  the official can e-mail the scheduler with changes up to 48 hours prior to the game.  Less than 48 hours the official should verbally, phone or in person, communicate his change of plans to the appropriate scheduler (see Scheduler tab).


Arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game.  Bring your schedule with you.

If you are going to be late call the rink or other official to let them know you are going to be late.  At 15 minutes prior to the start and your partner is not there;
1)      Call the assigned official
2)      Call the scheduler who should get you help
3)      Inform the rink office that you are alone as they have a list of officials and might be able to help you out.
4)      An official will only get premium pay for one game.  You are to make every effort to get a second official for 2nd and 3rd games.  KCOA has a responsibility to provide two or three officials. 
5)      If a replacement official is called and starts the game he should finish the game, even if the assigned official shows up later.  The assigned official who is late will not get any game fee on this game (it will be a missed game, see below).
6)      If a replacement official is called and arrives at the rink only to find the scheduled official on the ice, the replacement official will get a minimum of 1 period pay for his trouble.
7)      Notify the scheduler so the proper officials get paid.


1)      First Offense – official will be fined the value of the missed game (basically you will work the next game for free).  The official who worked the game alone will get double pay (regular fee plus your fine).
2)      Second Offense – same as above but the official will be removed from the schedule and will have to appeal to the President of KCOA and the scheduler.
3)      Third Offense – suspended for the rest of the season.