USA Hockey has a fantastic portal of various rule books and other resources.  This should be your #1 stop for rule book content and interpretations.  The USA Hockey Officiating Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced manuals are located here as well.  While these are not formal rule books they capture officiating systems and best practices better than any where else.  These are tested on during the Open and Closed book exams.

Officiating Rule Book(s) and Other Resources

Our local rinks have specific rules in regards to their Adult Hockey Leagues.  Here is what you should know.


  • USA Hockey Rules Apply - No Checking

  • 1 Time out per team

  • 12 Minute- Stop time periods.

  • Clock will go to a running clock at a 6 goal differential.

  • Optional penalty shot or two-minute penalty on non-coincidental minor penalties in the final two minutes of the game or overtime.

  • If tied at the end of regulation:

    • One, sudden death, five minute overtime period.

  • If tied at the end of overtime:

    • Five player shootout, until a winner is decided.


  • USA Hockey Rules Apply

  • 3-Minute warm up

  • 14 Minute Stop time periods

  • 1 Time out per team

  • Tie Games go to 3-player shoot-out. If tied after the shoot-out, then go to sudden death until a winner is decided.

  • All teams are to be ready to play 15 minutes early ( this also includes the officials )


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